Welcome To My World!

My Name is Zoe and I'm 13 years old. . I have always wanted to have my own clothing brand. With help from my Dad and Mum we have created a range which I hope you like. 



My heart is to help kids less fortunate than myself so I have decided to donate a percentage of each sale to my favourite charities. My goal is the change the world through fashion. Everyone needs Justice and Everyone needs Love so our motto that can also be seen on our neck labels is



My range can be purchased either with a print added or by itself. You can choose a print you like from my favourite designs. 


There are some extras to choose from like jewellery, (coming soon) caps, beanies, socks and tote bags. 


If you are a dance club, gym, organisation or just want to have a street wear URBAN range you can go to our "made to order" page for a full catalogue or choose anything from my website and have you logo or your own print added. The minimum is only 50 items across all sizes and products. We also have an activewear range they can be custom made in your colours and your designs. 


Please follow us on Intsa, Tik Tok, Facebook for specials and freebies


Happy shopping